on 01 June 2015.

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Working Out The Bugs

Yes, it's true, we are definitely working out the bugs with our new website.

Please know that Gerardi Gems is still in development. Our site is functioning well, but it still has a few snags here and there. We are currently updating our shopping cart. please note that you may have to manually forward your order to the paypal redirect.  We are also working on the USPS shipping rates, and how information is processed by our "Billing Adress" and "Shipping Address" forms within the shopping cart.

You are welcome to purchase products on this site, but navigating through the checkout process may be a little rocky right now.

If you should have any problems completing your sale please use our contact form. You can either use the contact link in this message or click on the Contact Gerardi Gems link in the side menu to your right and just below Your Shopping Cart.

Thanks for visiting Gerardi Gems. We look forward to bringing you new and wonderful artistic creations soon!

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