on 19 June 2004.

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The Road Begins - June 2004

Hello All. This blog post chronicles our family's 2004 adventures in an RV named Freda. We left from Orlando Florida and went north to Newfoundland Canada where we have relatives. These adventures were originally posted on Sharon's Creative Art. Just can't let go of these memories yet !

Below is the text from our 2004 Trip.......

WOW! Its hard to believe it's only been 2 weeks since we left. We are still on a 'learning to RV' phase. We haven't been able to get our have to wait for now. We had some done from my instamatic and put to CD (the marvels of modern technology… you gotta love it…. except when your not in cell range J). If you have called me and I haven't got back to you yet, it's because of  a lot of reasons (i.e; out of cell range, I'm driving or …I forgot!) As soon as we get the internet access figured out I will do my best to email more. So Let it Begin!


We have a 29' Class C RV (pictures coming soon) her name is 'Freda' and we are towing 'Gertie' (Paul's VW '70 Microbus/Camper) we are getting use to towing, but it's not a joy ride. It's great having Gertie as a shuttle pod, gives us a lot of freedom.

Our first night we stayed in Savannah,GA at Skidaway Island it was a nice State Park. We got to appreciate the term 'Pull through'. It rained and was very hot ,Thank God for Air-conditioning (TGFA).

June 20th - Up early to go to Savannah Unity Church, for Paul and I to do the service. Paul and I spoke about our love and appreciation for our Dads (past and present) and some cute stories (Dad I'll have to tell you them sometime). I cried and then had a menopausal moment and totally forgot what I was saying, so much fun in front of a room full of people. I saved it by asking if any women in the church are going through peri-menopause and said that they would understand and it got a great laugh and saved my talk.

We went into Savannah that afternoon and realized Florida is NOT the most humid place on the planet, good golly it was hot and muggy. We found a nice cool Wal-Mart and used some gift certificates to get some household and organizing stuff. NEVER thought I'd use Wal-Mart so much.

June 21st - ON THE ROAD AGAIN (OTRA) Off to Charleston, SC, pretty good drive. We stayed at Lake Aire Campground, surprisingly nice. We joined a club called the "Happy Camper" and get selected campgrounds at 50% off. It's great! Hot again, TGFA.

June 22nd - We drove into Charleston and check into a few stores, not a lot of New Age Stores, very conservative. We enjoyed the day looking at the great architecture and walked a lot more than we wanted looking for a place to plug-in the Laptop. No success!

June 23rd - OTRA - to Cedar Island, NC cool drive there (except through Myrtle Beach). We drove into the night and arrived at the Ferry. We stopped in the 'front row' turn on the generator just in time for a great summer storm. It was really cool how we drove these incredible winding roads with this full load in tow and avoided this tremendous storm then just upon arriving it came. Buckets of water and high winds, it rocked us to sleep.

June 24th - We woke up checked into the Ferry, made breakfast and loaded the boat. It was a great 2 hour ferry ride into Ocrakoke. We then headed up the Outer Banks to Avon. It was overcast, which made it nice for driving. We again stayed at a great campsite, Sands of Time (I think it sounds like a soap opera). We finally are able to rest a few days and we need it. We went to the beach and being a National Seashore we liked how it was vast with nothing on it. They allowed vehicles on the beach, but it needed to be 4 wheel drive (ruled out Gertie) and it was not very crowded. People fished mostly, we ofcourse wanted to get into the water. It was cooler than Florida water around 78 degrees (I loved it…..until….) Robyn yells "I see a Shark fin" Paul and I look at each other and don't want to believe her, but she was adamant. Being she does know her animals, we got out. I didn't see them, so I went down to our neighbor and asked them if there were sharks in the water. He said he just saw some! Oh well, kind of makes since now that NO ONE was in the water. It was beautiful none the less and we enjoyed it.

June 25th - Went to the beach again and Paul and Robyn decided to lay at the shore line with the waves crashing into them. They had a great time and it was fun to watch.,…until… they started to get stung by something …. inside there bathing suits! Yikes! They both stripped to their towels and we headed back to Freda. After their shower the stinging stopped (thank goodness). We then went to see "Harry Potter III", the best so far, said Robyn. It was very good and Harry is growing up.

June 26th - We traveled up to Nags Head to do some selling and see the sights. We went to the Wright Brothers Museum an climbed the monument. It was a great little place with an awesome view. We then went to the biggest sand dunes I've ever seen. We climbed them and got to view the sound and the ocean and Robyn got to roll down them and get all full of sand. She is making friends at every turn. She sees a kid her age and she just runs up and says "do you want to play?" and away they go.

June 27th - I worked all day making products that I sold in Nags Head, then we went to the beach and I collect shells that had been polished by nature. Robyn dug a hole deeper than her when standing and waited for high tide to flow in. We really enjoyed the Outer Banks, would like to spend more time there in the future.

June 28th - OTRA - Off to Norfolk, VA. We stopped at Gary, Tina and Will Brown's home. They were wonderful to let us invade their space and turn their world upside down for a few days. They lived in a great house that overlooks a brackish river. The tide comes in and goes out and drains the water completely…. like a little Bay of Fundy. They allowed us the feeling of being 'home' and fed us great too! The best She Crab soup EVER! Gary was a big help getting some of our computer glitches fixed, and Tina helped take care of Robyn, which allowed me a lot of freedom. Robyn and Will (with the help of friend Daniel) got along great! They were all into the same stuff (Bionicles, Pokeman duling). They built a fort and Robyn got to go in a canoe to go crabbing. She caught some! She also got her fill of electronic games and sugar to last a few weeks. Thanks Gary and Tina..and Will!

June 30th - Visited the Virginia Beach area to the Edgar Cayce compound. The treatment center was great. All the modalities of healing that I support…..awesome place, with a great meditation room to boot. I also made some great sales to their Heritage Store and others in the area….it was a good day.