on 05 April 2005.

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On The Road Again 2005

This blog post chronicles our family's 2005 adventures in an RV named Lucia. After we returned from Newfoundland, we traded up our RV so that we had a "slide" that gave us more room, especially in our hallway. These adventures were originally posted on Sharon's Creative Art....And away we go....

Hello Everyone!

Well, we have had a wonderful, beautiful trip so far. Paul has done a lot of work on the RV (Lucia) turning it into a homier atmosphere (i.e. spice rack, book shelves, bedside shelf for my evening tea. J

We are presently in Great Falls, Montana getting ready to cross the Canadian Border heading up to Alaska.

Now then, down to business! We left Orlando in a whirl wind on March 29th. After selling the home, shoving everything in storage, and Paul cutting a CD, we were frazzled. Paul's new CD Naked truth is awesome (if I say so myself). It's got a political feel to it and some Bob Dylan type tunes. It also has 2 tunes about Newfoundland. If you haven't got one yet….. we ship anywhere

3--05  We headed up to Summerville, SC to do the Flowertown Festival.

We met Brian and Laura from Montana at the show. They are fellow artisans and we really hit it off with them. (Check out their website www.artonfeathers.com ) After the show we all went camping at Francis Marion National Forest in Buck Hall. It was very relaxing and recharging.

A dear friend of mine was killed by a hit and run on Colonial Drive. His name was Michael Rood, and he will be missed by many, especially his mother Diane and his 3-year-old daughter Ruby. May peace and healing come quickly to you in your time of loss.

A new addition this trip is Akbar (aka 'Mister Hollywood'), Paul's black 11 year-old Egyptian cat. He is adjusting very well, and really enjoying the diverse animals we have come across so far (cats, dogs, rabbits, deer, horses, elk, buffalo) Miss Sow (Robyn's pet rat) is as wonderful as ever. Her tumor hasn't got the best of her yet. We hope to have her around a long time.

While in Charleston our VW microbus 'Gertie' received a cracked head. Thank goodness Paul had prepared for such a thing and already had an engine built and just needed to be shipped, which we did.

4-11-05  After visiting the Charleston area we headed up to Kings Mountain near Charlotte, NC. Ginger, Joe and their sweet dog 'Gracie' visited us from Raleigh met us there. We had a nice, but brief visit. It was a great camp ground, we all had a great hike all around it. I can't get over how wonderful it is to have wisteria growing wild all over the place. Not only is it a beautiful purple, but it smells fabulous.

All along the way we were still settling into our new RV. It's name is 'Lucia'. "OH LUCIA I'M HOME"….. We really love our new home, it's a big upgrade from 'Freda'.

4-15  Headed into Atlanta. We dropped Robyn off with her Dad and Paul and I went onto Tim' and Sue's place. Great to catch up with them and enjoy their wonderful home in the spring. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their cat 'Jazz', and eating Tim's great cooking. Tim, you look great! Good luck with all your biking fun, I'm really proud of what you have accomplished with your health changes. You look Maavelous!

4-18  Starting our trek to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We traveled through nice rolling hills in Tennessee, then straight through Arkansas to Oklahoma. We stayed overnight in Oklahoma and not to offend anyone…. Oklahoma is the pits, it has to be the smelliest, dirtiest and worst road (I-40) ever. I could not wait to get out of that state, it was (if you can believe it) nice to see Texas. We stayed in a little place just outside of Amarillo. It was cool getting use to the dry air, the people in Texas were great. We are averaging about 6 hours driving a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

4-21  We drove to Santa Rosa, New Mexico and stayed at the State Park there. It was a beautiful, dry, quiet place. We hiked down to the Blue Hole (a.k.a Santa Rosa Lake), which is one of the deepest Lakes in North America. It was actually very muddy looking when we saw it, being it was just coming down from the Mesa's. It's nice being in cool/dry weather. I still don't miss the hot humidity…yet!

4-22  We arrived in Albuquerque at Alan and Betsy's place. They immediately took us to a Mexican restaurant to have sangria and incredible Mexican food. We settled in their front yard and really enjoyed their home. Robyn had a great time playing in the backyard with all her Pokemon and watching all the great old shows and movies they had. We had some good down time while waiting for the VW engine to be delivered.

4-28  We traveled on to my friend Stella's place (sister of different mother's) also living in Albuquerque. She has a very enchanted place, I do believe fairies live there. She had grass in her yard….which is somewhat rare in New Mexico. She also has a beautiful garden with cute little things everywhere. She and Robyn had a great time together looking and exploring all the items around her house. To our delight she also is a massage therapist…J Thanks for the work on my Achilles! and Paul's back after he rebuilt and installed the VW engine.

I wanted Stella and Allan & Betsy to meet, knowing they would hit it off. Of course as the universe would have it, they already knew each other. They just didn't know 'That's the Stella, you've been talking about' or 'That's the Allan & Betsy you've been talking about'. We had a great laugh over it and we all went up to Sandia Peak, which has the longest tramway in North America. It was great! When we started at the bottom it was 75o, when we got to the top it was 36o…and SNOWING. I can't remember the last time I giggled so much. Robyn of course played in the snow till she almost turned blue.

Thank you Stella, Alan & Betsy for truly showing us that Albuquerque is enchanted.